Overview of Treatment & Expectations 

Therapy Sessions



CBT focuses on forming a shared understanding of the main difficulty and what keeps it going, by exploring the links between how you think, feel and react to your environment. We will then work together to identify what thoughts and behaviours might need to be addressed in order to help you feel better. 


Face to face treatment sessions last for 60 minutes and usually take place weekly or fortnightly. However, the frequency of sessions may vary depending upon your needs and may potentially lessen in frequency as therapy progresses, as the aim of CBT is to teach you to become your own therapist over time. 

CBT is a practical and goal-focussed therapy whereby the client and therapist work together towards the agreed therapy goals. However, the timescale is dependant upon the nature and complexity of the problem and usually range between 6 and 20 sessions, with the average number required for optimal outcomes being between 8 and 12.








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